What Weekly Marriage Meetings Can Do For You


Marriages require work and partnerships require planning. As beautiful as it would be and as much as we would like to believe that love is all we need to stay together, unfortunately in this modern day and age, love for our spouse has to be supplemented with marital and life responsibilities like getting the kids to school on time and paying bills. Does this mean you and your partner should have a platonic relationship completely focused around the comings and goings of the everyday? No, but marriage and relationships are balance and having a handle on both the romantic and mundane is the best way possible to keep your partnership stable and each other happy. An excellent way to accomplish this is with a weekly marriage meeting. To some this may sound like a systematic approach to your relationship, however, weekly meetings can serve to assure that everything in your family and home life is taken care of while also allowing for a sit-down conversation with your spouse. 

How to Have and To Hold a Weekly Marriage Meeting

It is important to remember that marriage meetings have no specific layout that they should go by and in the end should simply be what benefits you, your spouse, your family, and your relationship the most. That being said, weekly marriage meetings don't have to take a lot of time, don't have to be rigid and boring, and should allow you and your partner the chance to communicate and bond in addition to giving you time to discuss the important matters occurring in your life together. Finding a quiet place for just the two of you to meet alone is a good place to start or in a place where you keep the distractions down to a minimum. Remember to allow each of you to feel control of the meeting, and ultimately creating a positive atmosphere for discussion. Here are some other tips to obtain unity during your meeting:

Appreciation-  a great place to start is  with appreciation. We all know that appreciation goes a long way and what a great way to start.  Letting both of you enter into a space of gratitude and thankfulness for each other. This is a great place to practice your listening skills, while keeping the meeting focused on being  100% positive. Keeping a diary of these heart felt appreciations to look back on,  can have some amazing benefits to your personal life and relationship in many ways.

To Do List- Okay, now onto the work stuff of the meeting. It is time to discuss the To Do List. What a great way to organize the responsibilities, priorities, and timelines together. One thing to not forget is compromising and keeping things honest while always remembering to give and take a little. To do lists can  be daunting, so by keeping discussions like his going you we accomplish a more effective way of getting things done together.

Planning for Good Times- In a relationship you need not to forget each other and plan for a fun date night, or family fun night. By taking time for one another or with your family you can keep your relationship, personal, and family life a live and thriving. 

Planning for Problems- Let us not forget the elephant in the room- things that are problems. It is important to discuss everything, no problem to small. However, keeping in mind that this is not the time to air out grievances but instead keeping the positive theme going to tackle the important things that are most pertinent. 

The Benefits of Weekly Marriage Meetings

The benefits of weekly marriage meetings are multiple and offer a range of advantageous results in your relationship. Setting your intentions on having a healthy, happy relationship is one of the most imperative aspects to having just that and a weekly marriage meeting is an excellent way to take action on your intentions. Staying connected, satisfied in your relationship, and capable of addressing problems and issues together requires maintenance and that's exactly how a marriage meeting works. When perceived in this way it is easy to see how these meetings can begin to allow you to address issues or challenges that you haven't been able to before due to time constraints or discomfort. Weekly marriage meetings are an excellent way to discuss matters that may have been consuming your head space for quiet awhile, in addition to making sure you and your partner are on the same page across the board in your relationship. Remember these meetings do not have to continue for hours, keeping it to twenty or thirty minutes is sufficient enough so that you can move on with your day. Here’s to your next Happy Marriage Meetings!

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