The Basics of Trusting Your Honey

Trust in a RelationshipTrust is a vital component of any healthy relationship, especially a romantic relationship. It’s the ability to rely on your significant other without question. You know they have your back just like you have their back. If you fall down, they pick you up and brush the dirt off your knees. If you’re sick, they bring you hot tea. And, if you breakdown by the side of the road, they rescue you. Still, trust isn’t tangible. It’s something many of us define and place value upon, but we can’t pick it out of a box and hold it in our hands. And, as any Google search can illustrate, many people struggle with trust in their relationships.

So, how do you build trust in a relationship? This is a process that begins in the early stages of a relationship. Begin by following through on your commitments. Of course, life happens, but when trust is established a little communication to let your significant other know you can’t make it or will be late due to unforeseen circumstances helps to reinforce that trust.

We also build trust by trusting our significant other. By trusting your other half, you are assuring them that you believe in their love for you. Since trust is a two-way street, showing your significant other trust shows you’re not just talking the talk but you’re also walking the walk.

Be honest with your significant other. By doing so, you show that you are able to handle conflict or disagreement like a mature adult. You will not bottle it up inside, take it out on them, or explode. By using honesty, you show that you trust them enough to offer the truth and work out issues when they arise.

Unfortunately, breaking trust is often easier than building trust. You can break trust through just about any action tied to betrayal. This could be lying or stealing from a partner, consistently showing up late, or hiding things. Your partner dismissing your feelings and beliefs is another form of betraying trust, as is cheating, abusing, and undermining each other.

Some betrayals are bigger than others, but they build on one another. Eventually we lose trust in the one we love, and that makes it difficult to be in a romantic relationship. The only way to rebuild trust is to offer honesty to one another and a willingness to mend fences. A therapist can help re-establish that trust, as long as the couple is ready to try.

Trusting your honey is important to the long-term health of your relationship, and we wish you the best on that journey!