How Does Commitment Look in your Relationship?


Commitment is a crucial piece of any relationship, but commitment looks different to everyone.

Commitment in a relationship

Once upon a time, many looked at marriage as the ultimate symbol of commitment to another person. However, many Millennials are choosing to forgo marriage completely in favor of unmarried partnerships.

Does this mean Millennials are less committed to their romantic partners? Absolutely not. Instead, it shows a significant change in what commitment looks like within this generation.

That is okay, because your relationship is your relationship. No one else gets to decide what that looks like, as long as both you and your significant other are happy.

When considering commitment in your relationship, consider the following points determine what your commitment should like!

  1. First, start by asking what advice on commitment would you give to another person. Your answers will identify your beliefs on commitment.
  2. Ask each other what commitment means to them. This conversation allows you to agree on a set of standards you want in your relationship to signify your love and commitment to one another.
  3. Actions speak louder than works! Once you have agreed upon what commitment looks like in your relationship, follow through with making those actions part of your relationship.
  4. Spending time together signifies commitment in any relationship, although the amount of time you spend together may change depending on your personal preferences. Are you good living across the country and seeing each other once a month? Fantastic! How will you spend that time together? Do you live in the same home? Awesome! How will you spend your time together?
  5. Finally, put yourself in your significant other’s shoes. Doing so will help you understand what they need and where they are coming from. Part of a relationship is that give and take, so truly trying to experience it as their partner shows your dedication.