Keep the Romance Alive!

Best Practices for a Marriage: Keep the Romance Alive!

keeping the love aliveRecently married? Adjusting to happy changes in life is an adventure, especially with someone you love. It can also be a little intimidating–and that is okay! There are many adjustments that take place once you tie the knot, and sometimes romance gets lost in the transition of your relationship from dating to engaged to married couple.

While you adjust to married life and tackle these adjustments together, it is important to keep the romance alive. By making time for romance, you show your commitment to one another and keep that spark burning, even when change makes it difficult.

Keeping the romance alive in your relationship is one of our best practices for a successful marriage. Every relationship is different, and, as a couple, you know what works for you.

That said, here are a few best practice tips to help you make time for romance during the day-to-day grind:

  1. Spend time together – alone. Although you may spend time together every day, carve out special date nights or outings just for the two of you. Turn of your cellphone. Lock your doors. Ignore the internet. Spending time together strengthens your relationship, and as you brainstorm ways to spend your special time together you show your partner how important he or she is to you.
  2. Learn their love language. We all have different love languages. Get to know your partner’s love language, and use that to make him or her feel extra special. If you have different love languages, this may take research and thinking outside the box. That’s okay…it shows how much you truly care!
  3. Try something new. Trying something new is a great way to bond, laugh, and spend time together all at the same time. It will strengthen your relationship and keep your relationship fresh. You’ll make great memories together.
  4. Say the words. Yes, you love each other. You even dedicated your life to each other. What more do you need? Why, to reaffirm your love, of course! Make sure you remind your partner of your love every day. Even when you’re frustrated, tired, dirty – say the words.

What works for your partner? How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship? It is key to remember that all relationships take work, especially as your adjusting to change in your life.