Do Your Paths Converge or Diverge?


Marriage Counseling: Do Your Paths Converge or Diverge?

No matter how long you have been married, chances are you have a lot invested in your marriage. For most people, the idea of marriage doesn’t occur unless they’re ready for a commitment, a lifelong partner and possibly even children.

This is why most of us take our time getting married unlike our parents or grandparents. You just don’t meet people who tell you that the first time they saw their spouse-to-be, they thought, “I’m going to marry that girl/boy.” Wouldn’t it be great if things were that simple for all of us nowadays?

Things People Think About Before Getting Married

Before getting hitched, most of us have to think about our financial situation, where we are in our career, where the other person is in their career, whether either or both want children, whether any relocation will be necessary etc.

Aside from physical attraction, we have to consider whether there are any common interests, whether one person is a homebody while the other is outgoing, whether the two people are going to have time to spend with each other given their schedules etc.

It’s a lot to consider, which is why most of us take our time and often try out living together before popping the question.

Why You Should Fight for Your Marriage

Given all the thought that you’ve probably put into whether or not you should get married, it’s safe to assume that you wouldn’t want things to end just because one aspect of the marriage doesn’t work out.

There are, of course, times when it doesn’t seem like a marriage is meant to last e.g., if the issues that the couple disagree on are serious, such as whether or not to have children.

It’s only when it seems like you and your partner are on completely different paths that you might want to give up and focus on where you’re going. In all other cases, why not try marriage counseling?