From You and Me to We

couples seriousHere are some of the main issues that cause fighting with partners. Over the next few weeks, set aside some time  to discuss these issues and come to an agreeable plan for the two of you. How will you handle: Families of origin - how will you handle:

  1. Holidays: How often will you visit, how much, how long?  Do you go together or alone?
  2. Phone calls: How often will you talk to parents, siblings or other relatives on the phone? Will frequent calls disrupt your couple time or blend with you plans?
  3. Intrusions: How will you handle family members who ask for too many personal details, offer too much advice, try to take over aspects of your life or are a drain on your couples time and energy?

Individual and mutual friends - how will you:

  1. Maintain friendships with people just one of you knows and enjoys?
  2. Build a network of mutual friends, especially other couples?
  3. Balance individual friendships with your need to socialize as a couple?

Spending some time on discussing these common topics will help to head off many arguments.