Why Our Emotions are Impacted by Financial Stress

3 Reasons Our Emotions Are Impacted by Financial Woes families stressedIf there is one thing most all Americans can relate to it’s stress. It seems we are stressed as individuals and consequently as families. Try as we may as parents to hide our emotional stress, our children pick up on our feelings more times than not and often internalize it. They, too, are stressed when we are. So, why are so many people overwhelmed with stress. A CBS report said the number reason causing people to feel stressed out is financial problems. Actually, financial woes impact 64 % of adults. Additionally, Family Education names financial worries as one of the top ten reasons children are stressed. A financial crisis, whether severe or mild, brings about stress because of the emotional upheaval it brings about. Here’s how:

Uncertainty about the future

Financial problems lead to uncertainty about what will happen in the future. Some families may not know what to expect week to week, and making long-term plans is even more difficult. When facing this type of financial uncertainty, some families or individuals stagnate with fear. The stress, however, continues to build up internally causing physical problems.

Loss of stability

Money brings a sense of stability and security. As humans, we derive a great deal of comfort from a stable environment. When stability is pulled out from underneath a family or individual, it is frightening. Some people may even feel panicky when losing the regular money flow.


Many people who lose income or feel in some way responsible for the financial problems, go through a time of regret. They may think thoughts like, “if only I would have done this differently” or “if I wouldn’t have done that then this wouldn’t have happened.” People also regret not having the ability to provide more for their loved ones.

All of these emotional burdens are tied to financial difficulty and culminate in harmful stress. To learn more about holistic financial planning so you can be free from these emotional cares, contact me today!