Helping Your Partner Handle Stress At Work

Helping Your Partner Handle Stress At Work

Work Place StressOdds are, at least one of you – you or your partner – work outside the home. Even more likely is that both of you spend a significant amount of time at work. In today's economy, it is a way of life.

Inevitably, you will experience stress in the workplace. There are a variety of factors that could lead to workplace stress – doing the job of more than one person, a horrible boss, lack of support, conflict with co-workers, underpaid and/or underemployed, a large project…

The list goes on.

Unfortunately, when we experience stress in the workplace it is easy to bring it home. It spills into our relationships with partners, children, friends, and other family.

If your partner is experiencing a lot of stress at work, you are in an excellent place to provide support to your partner. By helping them get through this difficult time, you are showing your unconditional love and maintaining the trust so important to the foundation of your relationship.

First, use empathetic listening. When your partner comes home, be their sounding board. Turn off the TV and put your phone away. Sit down. And listen.

Second, offer to help out a little extra as they are struggling. Give them a night off for some self-care and take the kids out to the park or a movie. Make a special dinner they enjoy. Do the grocery shopping while they are working late.

Third, tell your partner how much you appreciate them. Many times, when there is stress at work, we feel vastly under-appreciated. You want to provide a nice balance to that.

Fourth, ask your partner what they need from you. A nice statement to practice is… "what can I do to help you?" If there is nothing, your partner will say… "Just listening is helpful" or "There isn't anything, but thank you for listening."