Spending Time Apart

Marriage Best Practice: Spending Time Apart

Time Apart - good relationship practiceYour honey is your best friend. You enjoy spending time together, doing activities, hanging out, and eating food. Sometimes, though, you feel the need to do something – anything – alone or separately.

That’s normal…and completely okay. Healthy relationships require time apart. That’s why spending time apart from your honey is a best practice for healthy marriages.

First, none of us are carbon copies of our significant others. We have interests the other doesn’t have, and making your honey participate in things he/she doesn’t like all the time is exhausting for both of you. Instead, spending time with a friend who enjoys the same activity (such as hiking, gaming, poker, book club, etc.) allows you to enjoy the activity without worrying about your significant other.

Second, alone time is often underrated, but it helps you to refuel your soul. Some people need more alone time than others. Still, we all need it to some extent. Having alone time helps us to re-focus and de-stress, which helps us handle conflict better. In other words, your honey can’t be with you for you to have alone time!

Third, we have different people in our lives for different reasons. When we are upset, excited, angry – whatever it is – we know what we need from others. If someone doesn’t react how we need, it causes distress. As much as we love our significant others, they don’t always respond how we need in a particular moment. Rather than fight about it, or feel worse because you didn’t get what you needed, spend time with a friend who meets that need.

Finally, absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you spend a day with your friend doing something you love (but your honey hates), you’ll come home refreshed and missing him/her. They will have missed you too. You can tell each other about your day, feeling happy to be together and more in love than ever.

So, go forth and spend time away from your significant other without a guilty conscience. It’ll benefit your relationship, and you’ll thrive together!