To Take or Not to Take, That Is the Question!


Relationship Advice: To Take or Not to Take, That Is the Question!

No matter where you turn nowadays, you’re likely to get relationship advice. It’s a topic on which everyone feels they’re qualified, whether they are in a good relationship themselves or not. Some of the usual culprits include parents, siblings, married and unmarried friends and even work colleagues.

Should You Listen to Relationship Advice?

It’s easy to react to the barrage of information and advice and get annoyed or irritated. After all, it’s your life. So why should you listen to what anyone has to say? Your way of having a relationship might be quite different from theirs. The things you’re looking for might also be quite different. So it doesn’t make any sense to conduct your relationship in the way someone else would.

Qualities Needed in Any Relationship

Aren’t there certain things that are needed in every relationship such as a healthy dose of patience and understanding? Don’t you have to be a good listener and allow the other person to vent whenever they need to? Don’t you have to be cognizant of your own needs and communicate them to the other person to make sure that they’re being met?

A Relationship Involves a Delicate Balance

In a relationship, you have to think about yourself as well as the other person. If you focus too much on any one, then the relationship becomes lopsided. For example, if you’re constantly thinking of the other person in the relationship and putting your own needs second, this will eventually put a lot of pressure on that person to live up to your expectations. And they may end up feeling inadequate when they’re not able to do so.

In some ways, being selfless can destroy a relationship as well as being selfish. This is something that all the people offering advice may not be able to tell you, because it goes against conventional wisdom.