Ultimate Betrayal - Life after infidelity Part 1

InfidelityThe High Stakes of Infidelity - Part 1 There are probably a million and one reasons as to why one of the partners in a marriage decides to indulge in infidelity.  Sometimes it is a one time betrayal, whereas in other relationships the cheating partner returns again and again to unfaithfulness.  No matter how little or how many times it happens, the faithful partner almost always seriously considers immediately ending the marriage.  Yet as painful as betrayal is, some couples actually honor their commitment to one another, repair their marriage and go on to live faithfully to and for each other.  So what are some of the critical factors that lead to a repaired marriage after infidelity?

In this two-part series, we will explore some of these critical factors.

How Many Times?

When the affair is first uncovered, almost every wounded partner wants to know how many times did the cheating occur.  Of course, every interaction of unfaithful intimacy matters deeply to the wounded spouse.  If the unfaithfulness consisted of an unplanned one-time occurrence, there is most likely a greater chance of forgiveness than discovering your partner indulged in serial infidelity.

Commitment and Personal Faith

In these days of no-fault divorce and re-marriages galore, it is easy to assume that all marriages should dissolve after infidelity.  However, many people still value the seriousness in which they entered their marriage commitment, and the vow they made before their God is not something they want to break.  Some people choose to lean very heavily on their faith to carry them through their most painful moments and decide to stay after many months of soul-searching, religious counseling and finding wisdom and strength through their spiritual faith.

In part two, we will explore the last critical factor and offer some advice on how to arrive at the best outcome after infidelity.