How Younger Generations are Changing Marriage and Commitment

How Younger Generations are Changing Marriage and Commitment

Marriage and Commitment in the Younger GenerationThe idea of committing to and marrying one person seems to have grown stale. Many people are not as committed to relationships as they were in the past. Marriage rates are down for many reasons, but that doesn't mean that the younger generations aren't staying committed to one another. Younger generations are forgoing a lot of what may be deemed a more traditional life progression by not getting married and having kids or delaying those milestones. There are several reasons why these patterns are emerging. Women are not relying on men like they used to, people are filling their time with other activities, and many people think marriage is outdated.

Women are empowered. Women are no longer reliant on getting married to have a man support them. Women are now empowered and making their own living and no longer need to stay in an unhappy relationship because they need to be taken care of. There are still people in committed relationships but they are much pickier about what and who they will settle for. There are so many ways to meet people now and so many dating websites that people aren't willing to settle. If there is something about their partner that they cannot stand they finding a different partner. People are not as afraid of moving on because something better may be out there, this is a very different mentality from several decades ago.

Satisfaction is coming from other places. People are replacing relationships with other things so they might not feel the need to have a committed relationship. Some people will focus on their careers instead of a relationship and that career goal is satisfying and they don't feel the need for a committed relationship. They might fill their time with social activities like casual dating, hobbies, exercise, classes, or time with friends.

Marriage is outdated. It is becoming a more popular thought that marriage is outdated. It was necessary when only one person was working they needed it for insurance and that was how people started their families. Now people are not waiting until marriage to start having kids, they can commit to one person and have a family without being married. There is not as much negative stigma associated having children out of wedlock as there once was.

People are getting used to these changes in patterns and they are becoming more commonplace. Commitment is getting a little harder for people with all of the options that are open to them and staying in a committed relationship is going to take more work. While certain things, like marriage, may not be as common people are getting more satisfaction from other things and have higher expectations for relationships. Being in a committed relationship means more now than it did 100 years ago. People are expecting more from their partner and investing more when they finally do decide to commit to one person.