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I am in pursuit of excellence.

I avoid taking shortcuts whenever possible. Shortcuts usually make room for half-hearted efforts. I pursue excellence in every aspect of my life. I try to do things correctly the first time, and give my full effort.

My greatest strength is my thoroughness. I pay attention to even the smallest detail to ensure the results are what I expect. Being detail-oriented ensures accuracy.

I avoid settling for less than my best. It is true that doing just enough allows me to sail through life. But doing less than I am capable of rarely gives me full satisfaction.

I like being recognized as a stalwart within my organization. Others look to me with respect because I am committed to my job and the company. I feel good when others emulate my positive attributes.

I encourage my loved ones to see things through to the end. I know it is sometimes hard to continue when times gets tough. But a total effort is worth more than any victory.

Excellence is my mission, even in my personal relationships. I give the best of myself to my friends and family. As a result, I am surrounded by goodness, especially when they give their best in return.

Today, I feel stellar because I strive for the best in all aspects of my life. I am proud of my commitment to excellence. My goal in life is to be a positive example for others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What external factors challenge my pursuit of excellence?

2. How do I feel when my attempts at excellence produce lower than expected results?

3. When have I felt that it was difficult for me to perform at my best?

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