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I carefully plan the paths I choose.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Each new day brings me an opportunity to work towards my biggest goals. I remain conscious that I am blessed with the benefit of planning my life. The paths I take are carefully selected because I am thankful to have a chance to plan them.

It is important to me to make the most of what I have. When I avoid taking things for granted, I maintain a sense of appreciation.

Gratitude for my blessings encourages me to take a path of charity. It helps me to focus on the needs of others as a way of achieving personal fulfillment. When my help has an impact on others, I am persuaded to continue along the trajectory of kindness.

I spend time on the path of hard work because the results are impactful. I enjoy the feeling of pride I get when my effort produces great things.

Each thing I achieve as a result of hard work pushes me to keep working. I know that sincere and honest efforts are important for me to achieve specific targets. Fear rarely gets in the way of my steps when I commit to giving everything my best effort.

Today, I use every opportunity to develop a life of gratitude, kindness, and perseverance. I am committed to building the most successful life possible. However, my steps in life are preceded by the desire to be my best self.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What exercises can I employ to practice effective planning?

2. What are some of my experiences that strengthen my resolve to help others?

3. How often do I assess where I am on each path I take?

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