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I trust my intuition.

Deep down inside of me is a feeling that I am unable to ignore. My gut is unrelenting in pointing out which steps to take. I trust my intuition to guide me through life.

Whether in my professional or personal life, my inner guide keeps me connected to my values and moral code.

Sometimes my intuition struggles to secure my attention when there are outside factors competing for it. But when I feel very strongly about something, I choose to go with my feelings. Doing so brings an incomparable sense of peace.

My mind and body send out signals that tell me when I am on the path that aligns with my soul’s peace.

When it is time to move on from a job, I continually bask in thoughts about walking away. I honor my truth by acknowledging those thoughts. When my shoulders ache and I feel a buildup of tension about work, it is a sign that enough is enough.

The alternative to harmful feelings and manifestations of negative energy is having butterflies and a sense of glee.

I lean towards people, places, and experiences that enliven positive signals in my being. Those signals are undeniable. They are representative of a reality capable of building me instead of breaking me.

Today, my intuition is my guide. It is the voice that I honor with greater loyalty than any other voice that I hear. It is my trusted collaborator for sound decision-making.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the influences that cause me to doubt my intuition?

  2. How do I know when I am making the ideal decision for me?

  3. How do I break away from the pressure of other people’s overbearing opinions?

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