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I use my talents to the best of my ability.

When someone close to me is experiencing emotional pain, I am the first to offer support. Although my physical and emotional needs are important, I recognize the other person's immediate situation. I embrace the chance to help with healing.


Teaching is another one of my abilities. Each opportunity I get to enlighten someone brings me fulfillment. I feel like it brings hope to others.


I believe that knowledge is power. People deserve to have that power so they are able to be successful in life. When possible, I help to equip them for lifelong achievement.


My ability to guide others through teaching helps me to nurture my kids to be good citizens. I work tirelessly at setting good examples that they can learn from.


Today, my talents multiply the more I use them for the benefit of others. I see the positive results of celebrating my strengths and abilities. I am committed to using them for the good of those around me.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.     What exercises can I undertake to keep developing my skills?

2.     How can I identify my undiscovered talents?

3.     What can I do to renew my focus on helping those around me?

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