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Revelations You Discover From Losing a Loved One


It’s never easy losing a loved one, whether you’ve seen it coming for a while now, or it just caught you by surprise. The reality is that if you love someone, you treasure the time you spend with them and want that time to last forever. That’s one main reason why we feel so crushed when someone we love is taken away from us.


Rough, emotional days can be expected as you come to terms with your loss, and your experience doesn’t have to fit the standards others set for mourning the passing of someone special. In your own time, you’ll heal.


It’s important to be somewhat introspective and come to terms with life lessons that occur when losing a loved one. Discovering these revelations will help in the process of healing and acceptance of the loss.


Help yourself heal by allowing time to focus on the wisdom that can come out of your loss:


1.     You’re innately strong. You’re probably more surprised about your ability to be strong during this difficult time in your life than anybody else around you.


  • But the reality is we only know our capabilities when we’re faced with a situation for the first time.

2.     Love is all that matters. One revelation you’ll discover is that at the end of the day, achievements, personal possessions and status really aren’t worth anything at all. Loving those around you and taking the time to show that love is the real purpose of life.


  • Losing somebody you love and only having them in spirit will show you that even without the physical being, that feeling of love is just as strong.

3.     Unspoken bonds are stronger than you think. When faced with loss, the true essence of the bond you shared with your loved one becomes more evident. Losing a loved one really lets you realize that they meant more to you than you were able to comprehend while they were here.

4.     You can identify true friends. Fortunately or unfortunately, in the midst of grief is when you’ll be able to identify your true friends.


  • While things are sunny and bright, you’ve probably had lots of "friends" around. But when you truly need support, the people who offer it in one way or another are the ones you should hold onto forever.

5.     The best time to express your feelings is now. One of the most significant lessons you can learn from losing a loved one is that it’s important to tell others in your life how you really feel. That way, you won’t have regrets about things left unsaid if the day ever comes that you lose them.


Take the time you need to heal from your loss. You alone know the relationship you shared, so you’re really the best judge of how you should go about the healing process. As always, take the lessons learned with you, so going forward, you can maintain loving, positive relationships with the other special people in your life.

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