Love, sex and intimacy- who doesn't want MORE of that in their life?

Is your relationship suffering from Intimacy Deficiency Syndrome?

Couples are experiencing many more issues with trust, communications, cheating and affairs.

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When the trust is gone, it's hard to reconnect.

  • Do you feel more like roommates than lovers?
  • Do you long for more closeness but just don't know how to make that happen?
  • Do you often feel lonely, even within the relationship?
  • Is the passion and intimacy gone?
  • Has your relationship suffered from infidelity?

If you answered yes, it's time to take some action!

Without help, these negative behaviors will likely continue, and are common indicators of a break up or divorce. Research show that it takes a couple 6 years to begin therapy- for many, it's too late. Don't wait- get some help now!

couple_heartWe provide immediate help - Even if your relationship has become distant over time, we are confident that you can begin having the kinds of conversations you need to, in order to become close again.

Our approach is unique - using only the best, most proven techniques. Unlike many therapists - you won't find us just listening while you take turns complaining about the problems you're having!

From your first session with us, you'll be seeing things from new angles. You'll take home information that can help you change stuck patterns and habits, so your relationship can become a source of happiness again.

We are so confident that you will be happy with our services, we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with your first session.

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Albuquerque Family Counseling works with couples in all stages of their relationships- straight, LGBT+, monogomous, living together, unmarried, married, separated, divorced, or those who are just not sure where their relationship is going.

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