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What People Are Saying About Us

We have a 100% approval rating from our clients, and 100% of them would refer us to someone they know!


  • “We seem to be making great progress. Thanks for the help.” 2018

  • They are amazing! So glad we picked them! “2018

  • “The staff is amazing and I have been very pleased with the service we have received. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.” 2018

  • “Albuquerque Family counseling has provided me with a supportive and constructive guidance that I required for my situation. They are caring compassionate and empathetic professionals who truly seek to assist their clients with their struggle and situations.” 2017

  • “I really like this place. My councilor has been helping me through a lot. They have a cozy waiting room and the evening appointments really fit my schedule. I highly recommend the place.” 2017

  • “Very comfortable place. My therapist is wonderful.” 2017

  • “A wonderful group of counselor's who genuinely care about their clients. Easy to schedule appointments. Great experience.” 2016

  • “Our therapist at AFC was great, her approach was better than we've ever encountered.” 2015

  • “The office environment was  professional, warm and friendly.” 2015

  • “The therapist was supportive and understanding, and the counseling has helped to make positive changes in our lives.” 2015

  • “My Fiance and I went to Albuquerque Family Counselors a year ago. We had been to other counselors/therapists in the past and did not have any success until we were referred by a friend to Albuquerque Family Counselors. We received the BEST care! I was impressed with our therapist and how she was willing to work with our busy schedule, we were able to attend late afternoon appointments and even weekends. I have referred other family members and friends and will continue to in the future.” 2015

  • “My wife and I came in for couples counseling and this place has changed out marriage for life! We couldn't be happier with the staff and our counselor and have and will continue to recommend AFC to family and friends. Thanks for everything!” 2015

  • “I enjoyed my time ( a lot of hard work!) and it has saved my marriage- thank you” 2014

  • “As a family attorney, I appreciate having a service that I can refer to. I have, and will continue to refer all of my clients to your offices.” 2014

  • “The therapist was fantastic and perfect for what we needed in our relationship. The environment was clean and inviting, and a very refreshing experience compared with several other places in Albuquerque.” 2014

  • “The therapist was excepti0nally effective in seeing what our needs were- she was great!” 2014

  • “Thank you for helping us with our marriage, it's better than it's ever been”. 2014

  • “Thanks for your support and guidance, it was really helpful.” 2014

  • “After seeking counseling with a different office, we found your staff to be much more attentive to our needs and goals- thank you!” 2014

  • “I am very satisfied with everything, and would recommend this service to everyone! “ 2014

  • “Great! Awesome! Our therapist had a lot of good feedback and insight to the issues presented. We had a bad experience with prior therapy and are very happy that we came here!” 2014

  • “Very impressed. Our therapist hit the nail on the head as far as insight into the issues that brought us here. We had seen a few therapists in the past for marriage, but no experience has been this great.” 2014

  • “We really liked our therapist, and had an overall great experience. My husband had seen a therapist before and had a bad experience, he was not open to trying another. He made a comment to me after the first session that he had a really good vibe and was glad that we came to AFC.” 2013

  • “Kelly, our relationship has done a 180, and it all started with you!” 2013

  • “Your newsletter could not have come at a better time, great article and references.” 2013

  • “My wife and I are still together and are completely different than the couple who you saw 18 months ago- it's been the hardest work of our lives but we are seeing results that began when we met you. Thank you again!” 2013

  • “The anger management classes have given me tools to manage my life more effectively. Meeting others that struggle with the same issues he helped me realize that I am not alone. If you want to invest in yourself, enroll in AFC's anger management classes!” 2013

  • “Your newsletters are well done, fun and informative- I always try and find some tidbit that I can carry with me and apply in my own relationship.” 2012

  • “Thank you, AFC! With major life changes under way, our marriage was suffering. Our counselor was a professional, knowledgeable and invaluable source of support. We grew as a couple and individually as a result.” 2012

  • “That newsletter was simply fantastic! The timing was perfect, thank you for that gift of wisdom”. 2012

  • “AFC, you are the best! Between your classes, couples and individual sessions, my relationship is far improved. Thank you again for what you do.” 2012

  • “Keep the newsletter coming! I look forward to it every month, and your advice is always helpful.” 2012

  • “We have referred AFC to numerous friends and family- we appreciate that the community has such a great resource.” 2011

  • “I never thought I would say that I enjoyed counseling, but I did. Being able to go home and immediately apply what we took away from the sessions was a huge plus to our relationship. Thank you again.” 2011

  • “Our relationship was beyond repair. Our counselor helped us to see our issues from a new perspective and gave us tools to keep us on the right track. We have a much more loving relationship as a result. Thank you again for giving us hope.” 2011

  • “Wow! We did not expect what a positive change this (counseling) has made in our lives. We would encourage every couple to experience the benefits of counseling and the positive changes in the relationship. Our counselor was a warm and encouraging presence who guided us all the way.” 2011

  • “We had tried other counselors before, and not had much luck. AFC really knew how to get us motivated to change what wasn't working in our relationship”. 2010

  • “I just wanted to thank you for your services. You managed to deal with the situation and we walked away with a better understanding of each other and the problem that day. We had a great dialogue after we left and a wonderful evening as a result. We can't thank you enough! I don't know how you put up with it, but I am grateful that we found you. If there's anything we can ever do for you please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks again, and looking forward to our next session.” 2010

  • “I just wanted to thank you again for everything! I am truly living my dream right now ... and because of our relationship through counseling, I'm able to do it with an open heart filled almost entirely with love. I remembered where I was when I first started seeing you last year and sent as much positive energy as I could your direction!” 2010

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