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Individual Therapy

Are You An Individual Feeling:

  • Isolated, Sad, or Angry?

  • Can't Stop the Stress from Life's Problems?

  • Do you have COVID related Grief, Loss or Anxiety? 

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Don't let life's challenges get in the way of your happiness. At Albuquerque Family Counseling, we offer a variety of counseling services to help you overcome individual and life problems. Our team is trained to provide support and treatment for issues like depression, anxiety, stress, relational and work problems, and more. We believe in providing quick relief and ongoing support to help you understand and navigate through your struggles.

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Our individual therapy sessions provide a unique and personal approach to counseling. At our family-owned center, we understand the importance of tailored, research-based methods for stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and relational problems. Our approach is non-judgmental and validating, providing fast relief that is personalized to each individual. Let us help you navigate through life's challenges.

We use only current, effective and research based methods- Cognitive Behavioral, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy and other methods and tools to support your path into feeling great!

Don't let negative patterns, anxiety, or depression control your life any longer. Our individual counseling service offers a supportive and non-judgmental space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Our skilled counselors work with a variety of evidence-based approaches to help you create positive change and improve your overall well-being.

Special Package

$350 for 4 sessions or individual session $95

We are so confident that you will be happy with our services, we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with your first session.

Albuquerque Family Counseling works with couples in all stages of their relationships- straight, LGBT+, monogomous, living together, unmarried, married, separated, divorced, or those who are just not sure where their relationship is going.

*Please note: All packages must be prepaid in full, no refunds on packages.

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