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At Albuquerque Family Counseling, our goal is to help couples and individuals achieve and maintain healthy levels of sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Our highly-trained and experienced team of therapists approach sexual issues in a safe and confidential space, helping clients identify the root of their problems and work towards a solution. If you’re struggling with any aspect of intimacy or are simply looking to improve your sex life, reach out to us today and see what we can do for you.

Sexual Issues

If you’re looking to improve your sexual intimacy and experience greater satisfaction in your relationships, Albuquerque Family Counseling is here to help. Our experienced counselors offer individualized counseling services designed to help you navigate relationship challenges and achieve greater happiness with your partner.

Experience the benefits of our sex therapy service, where our trauma-informed and non-judgemental approach provides a safe space to explore your sexuality and improve your sex life. Our sex-positive philosophy embraces all individuals and couples, including those with kinks and alternative lifestyles. Let us help you achieve a more fulfilling and passionate sex life.

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