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Keeping Your Mental Health Strong During the Holidays

The holidays can be a very challenging time. You may have concerns about weight gain, family members, work, money, and all kinds of other things. The good news is that, even with all these concerns, you can keep your mental health strong and vibrant during the holidays.

You can have great joy during the busiest of times with some positive choices. Joy comes from within, and taking control of your life brings you both confidence and joy. During the holiday season, though, it can seem like your life gets out of control very easily. There's always so much to do, and people are generally more demanding of your time and energy.

Follow these steps to protect and preserve your mental health during the holidays:

1. Remember the value of quiet time. One of the biggest stressors you may have to deal with when the holidays are in full swing is the lack of personal time. It's easy to get wrapped up in everyone else's drama and not take any time for yourself. Take time for yourself so you have the energy to pour into others.

2. Take a few minutes each day to unwind and relax. You'll be happier and more interested in doing things with others.

3. Find time to pursue your inner peace. You can pray, meditate, exercise, or just sit and watch some television or read a book. No matter what you do in your downtime, remember that having that time is vital.

The Busy Holiday Season is Only Temporary

The holidays require more of your time and effort, but the season will soon pass. Keep your head up when you're doing all the extra things you have to do. Those extras will only be required for a few weeks. Things will be back to normal and your life's balance will be more easily restored.

If you're having trouble coping with the holiday season, do the things you'd normally do when the holidays are over. That way, you'll feel more focused and your routine will be more familiar to you. For example, consider:

· Exercising each day to stay fit and work off accumulated stress

· Getting your work done on time, so you're not frustrated and overly busy at home

· Keeping your house clean, so you have less to do after the holidays are over

· Eating right to provide your body with the fuel it needs for energy

· Planning something special so you can relax after the holidays are over

There are plenty of ways you can keep your mental health strong. You can even say affirmations to yourself each day in order to help maintain a positive attitude. You may feel silly at first, but you'll soon see the benefits of incorporating positive thinking into your daily routine. Take a few minutes each morning when you get up and before you go to bed to compliment yourself.

Your mental health and strength is very important to you and the people who rely on you. Because of that, you must keep yourself fresh and energized during the holidays. Focusing on what matters to you and paying attention to what's really important go a long way toward keeping you mentally healthy.

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