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Lift Your Spirits by Keeping a Neat, Clean Home

Does clutter or dirt around the house nag at you mentally, adding item after item to your to-do list? Have you ever noticed how much more relaxed you feel when you come home to a tidy house?

Although there are those who believe that having a neat home isn't one of the more important aspects of life, the reality is that your spirits can be lifted by having a certain amount of order in the house. And cleanliness matters, too.

If you'd like to see your mood improve, there are simple ways to do it without ever leaving your house!

To lift your spirits and feel like your home is your sanctuary, consider these ideas:

1. The mood and tone of your home influence how you feel. The types of furnishings are less important than the level of cleanliness and a certain amount of order and organization.

· Make small changes in your home that make you happy.

· If you've had a hard day at work and return to a home that's disorganized and needs a good cleaning, your spirits will lag. But if you return to a home that's organized and clean, you'll lift your spirits simply by walking in the door.

2. Your home may be a reflection of your mood. Not only does the state of your home influence your mood, but the inverse is also true, according to some mental health experts. Studies indicate that how you handle your possessions in your home is a reflection of what you believe about yourself and how you feel.

· Consider this: if you're calm and relaxed by nature, the arrangement, organization, and cleanliness of your home most likely presents serenity and peacefulness.

· If you're emotionally overwrought or plagued with anxiety or depression, your home may be cluttered, disorganized or in need of a good cleaning.

· If you're feeling down and find yourself with a home that's not neat and clean, remember that when the home's challenges are addressed, your emotional state may improve.

3. To have a neater home, sort and store your possessions in an organized fashion. An organized home just means that you can find things when and where you need them. You don't need a grand scheme to do this. Just store your keys near the door, your cooking utensils by the stove, and the kids' toys near where they play.

· Avoid getting overwhelmed by the task of organizing. Vow to organize just one room at a time.

· You can even concentrate on one area of a room, like the desk or a corner that you find particularly troublesome.

· You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel at home if you begin to tidy up in small ways.

4. It's okay to ask for help. Perhaps your home is too big or too disorganized for you to feel comfortable tackling it on your own. Or maybe you're just too busy.

· Spouses and kids are a great place to start asking for help. After all, they live there, too! And they certainly contribute to dirt and clutter. Give them specific tasks, and watch your house get clean before your eyes!

· If you have the financial resources, treating yourself to a professional cleaning once or twice a year can be a wonderful gift to yourself. And the results can last for weeks or even months!

Having your own home is wonderful. And tailoring your house to suit your personal preferences is crucial to making you feel like your home is your castle. Do everything you can to keep your home organized, neat, and clean. You'll feel glad you did each time you walk in the door.

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