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Change Happens NOW

How do you begin to identify what changes and goals you want to make? When YOU decide to change your life, here are some ideas:

  1. Explore your feelings. Keep a journal, talk with a trusted friend, and get feedback from family about their perspective.

  2. Envision your future. Make a collage, do a guided visualization, create a mind map, research some possibilities.

  3. Be open to new ideas and perspectives. Take a class, say "yes" instead of no, try something different, daring and fun. Doing "one thing different" will help to expand your goal seeking.

  4. Look for kindred spirits. Seek out those people who make you blossom, with similar interests, energy and dreams. Avoid those who bring you down.

  5. Set goals and targets. Follow through, evaluate your progress, and reward yourself for the achievements that you make.

  6. Take one step at a time. Divide your goals into small steps, do one small thing each day. Remind yourself that experience is part of the process, not good or bad. Start now!

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