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Communication Check Up

Are you having trouble communicating with your partner? Try these super strategies for success at communication!

  1. During your evening meal together, avoid watching the television, reading the mail or newspaper. Look directly at your partner and have a conversation.

  2. Ask open ended questions to encourage your partner to open up and talk. Open ended questions begin like this: a. Tell me about... b. What do you think of... c. What was it like when...

  3. Check your communication with your partner and beware of using "You" messages. These are statements that begin with the word "you". For example: a. You need to come home by 6:00 b. You shouldn't do that c. You should call me if you are going to be late

"You" messages are damaging because they make the other person feel bad or that they are being blamed. It feels like you are talking down to them and can put them on the defensive.

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