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I eat natural food to support my mental and physical health.

How I feed my body determines how well it supports me. I am committed to achieving a healthy existence. Nature provides the means of achieving mental health. Whole foods contribute to optimum body function.

Fruits and vegetables provide me with vitamins that make my brain sharp. I feel the difference in my focus and productivity when I include them in my diet.

Each morning, I eat a serving of fruit. Fruits also energize me and make me feel ready for the day ahead. My mood is also positive when I start my day with this practice.

Although I sometimes enjoy fast food, I limit my intake of it. I know that consuming excessive saturated fat makes my heart work too hard. It is important to do what I am able to keep my heart powerful and strong.

I avoid drinking excessive alcohol because moderation allows me to remain conscious and aware. I like to remain mentally sharp when I go out with friends.

Life-saving nutrients come from natural food sources, so I fill my house with them. I visit farmers’ markets to access organic and healthy produce.

Today, I consider the life that I am building for myself and commit to doing the things that make it possible. Eating natural foods keeps my mind and body healthy and supports my success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I know when my body is calling for a nutritious meal?

  2. How else do I promote healthy living?

  3. What does it mean to have good mental health?

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