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I unlock my potential.

Fulfilling my potential creates more meaning and happiness in my life. Each day brings me many ways to develop my potential.

I tackle challenging projects. I gain new knowledge and stretch my skills. I accept discomfort. I am willing to work hard and delay gratification. The time I spend learning a foreign language or playing the piano is more rewarding than watching television or talking on the phone for hours.

I persevere through obstacles and delays. I plan for possible setbacks and develop alternative solutions.

I build my confidence. I strengthen my belief in my abilities. I review my accomplishments and celebrate my victories. I analyze my personal strengths and how to leverage them.

I rely upon my faith. Through prayer and meditation, I understand the value and importance of my life. I appreciate my blessings. I feel ready and eager to use them wisely.

I seek out the company of those who inspire me to aim higher. I surround myself with family and friends who encourage and support me. I reflect on characters in books and figures in the news who have qualities and accomplishments that I admire.

I take care of myself. I eat nutritious foods, exercise daily, and manage stress. By protecting my wellbeing and establishing a sense of security, I create a strong foundation that helps me to pursue my goals.

Today, I strive to reach my full potential. I maximize the amazing powers that dwell within me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one example of how I discovered a hidden strength?

2. How do I feel when someone recognizes my potential?

3. What are 3 words that I associate with activating my potential?

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