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Synergy creates more powerful outcomes.

There are only a few times in life that I benefit from tackling things on my own. In all other cases, I relish the participation of others. Synergy brings greater success to everyone involved.

When two or more minds come together, creativity expands to uncontained heights. One idea sparks another and the chain of ideas continues. I love that environment.

My department at work is most productive when we get together to brainstorm. When one person faces a challenge, I offer my advice. It is my way of contributing to overall success. I enjoy supporting those who I am bound to by shared responsibility.

When I have a personal challenge, I rely on my friends to assist me in resolving it. Their input saves me from figuring it out on my own, especially when I feel confused.

I develop creatively and professionally when I open myself to a synergistic atmosphere. It is wonderful to feed off the imagination and inspiration of others.

I grow in knowledge and motivation when I collaborate.

The global environment makes room for powerful outcomes with projects. Having a support base that spans many countries allows ideas to blossom with ideas that support many cultural differences.

Today, I celebrate the power that comes from synergy because I see it at work in my own life. Living and working collaboratively is the way to solve some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What opportunities do I have to collaborate in my personal life?

  2. How willing am I to join focus groups to solve major issues in my country?

  3. What role am I able to play in solving global issues?

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